BEE Empowerment Profile

BEE is more than who owns the company shares.  Knowing this, CA Financial Appointments has embraced the BBBEE charter by achieving accreditation as LEVEL 2, despite an “owner manager” shareholding.  CA understands that for BEE to succeed there must be broad BEE involvement, throughout the whole company.

A major reason for the Management buy-out from the Laser Group (Pty) LTD in 2003 was the lack of empowerment credentials the existing relationship offered to CA. It was imperative for the growth of CA to be in a position to attract and work with a BEE partner.

Therefore, the BEE partner with which CA aligned needed to be an organisation of substance and the relationship between the two parties would need to be mutually beneficial.

After a long and very thorough process, CA invited Mr. Bashier Adam, founder of SAB&T Incorporated, who at the time was the largest Black-owned Accounting and Auditing firm in South Africa, onto the Board – a position he has held ever since.


Mr. Bashier Adam founded SAB&T Inc. primarily as an accounting practice. It soon expanded its services to all regions within the country and by 2003, SAB&T had developed into a complete multi-disciplinary professional firm. SAB&T Inc. was then listed on the AltX of the JSE in November 2006. The listed entity, known as SAB&T Ubuntu, was then acquired by Simeka Limited.  Management bought Simeka out in 2009.

At the same time as working with various BEE companies, CA expanded on skills transfer, procurement and social responsibility programs within the company.

These programs have gone from strength to strength and CA are extremely proud of their Level 2 BBBEE accreditation.

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