4 reasons you didn’t get the job (that were out of your control)

Nov 2, 2017 | Blog


Sometimes you just know why you didn’t get the job. Maybe you were too nervous, perhaps you failed to prepare and gave some terrible answers or maybe you had a bad night’s sleep and struggled to focus. However, when you don’t get the job that you truly believe you interviewed perfectly for, it can be incredibly frustrating. Here are some reasons that you may not have considered.

They hired someone within the company

Internal hires are incredibly difficult to contend with, regardless of your shining CV. For a hiring manager, they are a safer bet as these individuals are known to the company and already familiar with the culture and possibly even the role. Their ability to hit the ground running as opposed to the settling-in period you would require also helps to tip the scale in their favour.

The role may have been cancelled

This happens more often than you might think. Hiring managers can be too hasty, or the funds simply fall away and the position is removed or put on hold. Again, this is out of your control, though if you use the services of a recruitment agency, you have a lot more insight into the reasons for not getting the job you went for.

They reorganised

This is another reason you may not have gotten the job that is outside of your control. Reorganisation can mean that the role you were going for becomes obsolete or that a recruitment drive is put on hold until the organisation can see where the new ‘gaps’ are, if they exist.

Someone else was a better match

No matter how well you perform at an interview, you have to consider that there may be better-suited candidates out there. This doesn’t mean you didn’t do well at the interview, it simply means there was someone who was a better match for what the company is looking for.

The reality is that there is a host of reason that you may not have landed the job you went for. Some of these are well in your control and the chances are that you’ll be very aware of them. In other cases, you simply won’t have a clue. Whether you didn’t get the role because you messed up or because the company did, it’s important to shake it off and move on. Job-hunting can be incredibly demotivating if you allow it to be. If you can pick yourself up and solider on, you will find success.

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