CV Writing Tips – Mistakes to Avoid

Oct 4, 2023 | Blog

CV Writing Tips – Mistakes to Avoid

Your CV is your first chance to make a lasting impression. Presenting a well-crafted CV improves your chances of securing a successful financial career, however, candidates frequently make easily avoidable errors that can hinder their outcomes. Let’s explore essential CV writing tips with a focus on common pitfalls.

Steer Clear of Generic Templates:
Avoid using generic CV templates as far as possible. Use this opportunity to customise  and personalise your CV and be sure to highlight your unique skills and experiences. This is what will set you apart from the rest!

Professional Summary:
Write a compelling professional summary to introduce yourself and showcase your accomplishments and career aspirations.

Avoid Complex Jargon:
While some finance roles require technical knowledge, overusing jargon can actually be a deterrent for many HR professionals. Try and simplify complex terms without oversimplifying your accomplishments and experience in the industry.

Quantify Achievements:
In the finance industry, numbers DO matter. Make your accomplishments quantifiable, such as “increased profits by 20% in the first quarter.” Seeing these numbers will impress companies and will leave a lasting impression.

Proofread Proofread Proofread:
Typos and grammar errors are major red flags. Take the time to meticulously proofread your CV and consider seeking a second opinion from a friend or family member. Properly written CVs show professionalism and integrity.

Relevance Is Key:
Keep your CV focused on professional experience. There is no need to include personal details and irrelevant hobbies.

Simplify with Bullets:
Long paragraphs can be overwhelming to read and may cause professionals to quickly glance over or miss important details. Make use of bullet points and concise sentences to enhance readability.

Tailor for Each Role:
Customise your CV for each job application and ensure that it speaks to the role you are applying for. Highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job requirements and expectations.

Leverage LinkedIn:
Include your LinkedIn profile URL in your CV for added credibility and easy access to more information. A strong and active LinkedIn profile can be a game-changer!

Your CV is your chance to make a lasting impression. Avoiding these common mistakes and implementing these tips will help you create a standout document that opens doors to your dream job. Look at is as an investment in your future – good luck in your financial career journey!

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