Interviews – It’s not just about what you say

Feb 15, 2018 | Blog

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You never a second chance to make a first impression, and never is this more true than when talking about job interviews. Presenting yourself appropriately is incredibly important. Your interviewers will have judged you simply on what you are wearing before you’ve even had a chance to extend a hand in greeting. Here are some crucial tips on getting your attire just right.

Research the company

You’ll already have done this in preparation for the interview questions, but don’t forget to do it when figuring out what to wear, as well. Pretty much every company has a website and on the website will more than likely be pictures of the workplace. If not the website, then look through the associated social media that the company hosts. This will help you to gauge how people tend to dress in the office. Of course, it’s an interview, so you’ll have to be a little smarter than your interviewers, but doing some company-stalking will help you decide what is appropriate interview attire.

It’s not just about the clothes

Hair, nails, shoes, makeup, should also be considered when preparing to attend an interview. Attention to detail isn’t just for the job spec – it’s important to appear well-groomed and turned out in other respects too. Scruffy hair or chipped nail varnish will be noticed!

Keep it quiet

Fashion may be your passion and the latest bright colours might be so ‘on trend’ right now, but beware of wearing too many of them as it could be distracting to your interviewers. A splash of colour is fine but keep it a little muted for interview situations.

Accessorise wisely

If you’re a fidget, then keep accessories to a minimum so you’re not tempted to mess around with them during them interview. If you’re a fan of bracelets, chains, etc., do a test run to make sure nothing jingles when you move. Noisy jewellery is incredibly off-putting. If you need to bring a bag or a briefcase, make sure it looks new – it’s very easy to overlook scuffs and smudges if they’ve been there a while.

Hold yourself well

If you’re spending all this time and effort on your outfit for the interview, it would be a shame if you ruined the effect by slouching, shuffling and fidgeting. Presenting yourself also includes the way you carry yourself, so walk confidently, smile, sit tall, pay attention to your body language and theirs, and you’ll make that first impression a fantastic and memorable one.

It would be nice if your words, experience, professional achievements and qualifications were the only thing you are judged on when going for a job, but the reality is that there is a lot more to it. Dressing appropriately is one of the easier things to get right, so make sure to set yourself up in the right way from the get-go.

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