Recognition Key to Managing Accounting Jobs ‘Anywhere Workforce’

Jan 7, 2021 | Blog

Everyone likes to be shown that their work and effort is appreciated. This applies to all levels of staff in any business. Given the extra stresses on everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more important to show gratitude and support to your team. Finding a creative and fun way to show your appreciation , especially in what is supposed to be boring professions like accounting jobs, of the work they do will boost their moods, encourage team bonding and increase productivity.

Let’s get into 10 tips you can use to show your employee’s your gratitude:

  1. Celebrate important milestones. Use a weekly or monthly team meeting to recognize recent achievements. One could also arrange for treats or gifts to be delivered to team members being honoured in this event.
  2. Put it in writing. Create a personalised certificate for an employee to acknowledge great work.
  3. Host video check-in meetings. Encouraging face-to-face communication encourages greater performance from the whole team.
  4. Highlight successes formally. Use annual performance reviews to cite and acknowledge achievements. This especially reinforces the type of work you would like to see from your employees.
  5. Encourage professional development. By encouraging and offering staff to gain further education you not only show them you support them, but you also increase their capabilities and the quality of their work.
  6. Give them a call. Maintaining regular direct contact with the members of your team is vital, it gives you a chance to have a candid conversation away from the rest of the team to see how they are handling their work, it also reinforces the manager, team member relationship.
  7. Give the gift of time. When your team has hit their targets offer them to chance to finish work early on a Friday. Whilst it only may end up being 2 hours or so at the end of the day a gesture like this at the end of a tough work week makes a big impression.
  8. Develop new leaders. Always try to develop your team to allow you to promote from within. Establishing this as part of your company culture will encourage your team to work hard as they know the reward could be a lucrative promotion.
  9. Introduce them to management. Even though they may not need to interact with upper management daily, introducing them to upper management improves their connection to the company culture.

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