5 Expert Networking Tips

Mar 31, 2016 | Blog

Photo Credit: www.facetimenetworking.com

Photo Credit: www.facetimenetworking.com

Networking is constantly touted as a major player in getting ahead in your career, and with good reason. However, it’s very easy to throw the word out there, but how is it best done? Our team have come up with five choice pieces of advice on how to get the most out of any time you dedicate to this potentially career-boosting activity.

Nurture your network…constantly

You will never be in a position whereby your network is ‘done’. It is a constantly changing, expanding, shrinking entity that you need to keep well in the loop about. It’s a bad idea to rest on your laurels once you think you’ve created a solid network. New people enter (and leave) the scene all the time and you need to keep up with that.

Use the resources available to you

If you can get out to every networking event in your area – great, but don’t overlook the power of social media for networking. Yes, events ‘in real life’ are crucial, but platforms like LinkedIn are fantastic for both supporting the new networks you’ve created and even for starting them in the first place.

Be in the right place

Not all networking events are created equal. Don’t waste time on those that aren’t going to be helpful to you. Read up on the events you might attend and if you can, get a list of attendees.

Build relationships

Often, people will treat networking like a bit of a meet and greet. It’s important to take it further than that. You need to build relationships, so take time and have meaningful interactions with the people you chat to.

Sell yourself subtly

When you get down to the bare bones of it, networking is about selling yourself – your company, your skills, your knowledge. You are there to not only find others who might be able to help you achieve your goals, but to effectively present yourself as a person who can help others and indeed, is willing to. It’s not an interview, so don’t go in talking yourself up but rather find something you could add value to in the eyes of the person you’re talking to. Find out what obstacles they are facing currently and if you could help remove them, let them know.

Networking effectively takes practice but can be incredibly rewarding. Go with a plan and you’ll get the most from every event you attend.

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