Falling in love with your work, again.

Feb 23, 2017 | Blog

Photo credit: http://www.mysteryapplicant.com/

Photo credit: http://www.mysteryapplicant.com/

Starting a new job can be an exhilarating experience. Everything is new, you get a fresh start and you will usually be embarking on the next chapter of your career. At this early stage, it is easy to be ‘in love’ with your job. As a result, you work hard with unwavering enthusiasm for your role, the company and the work culture.

However, as time goes on and this initial exhilaration dies down, many find that the once exciting job becomes much like any other they’ve had. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the job becomes boring or tedious, but it can mean that your passion for your work takes a knock. This can significantly affect your motivation and professional contentment.

So what can you do if you find yourself falling out of love with your job? The CA team offers some simple advice that can make a real difference in how you feel about your work.

Remember why you chose the career in the first place

Casting your mind back to the early days of your career can help to remind you of why you love what you do.

Take a break

Often, one of the main contributors to getting fed up with your work is simply that you’ve been doing it for too long without a break. Taking some time off to rest and relax can be all you need to come back to work with renewed vigour.

Keep a positive mind-set

Dwelling on the fact that you’re unenthusiastic about your job can exacerbate the situation. Try to retain a positive outlook and you’ll find this helps you to remember what you like about your work.

Take on some new responsibilities

Adding some variety to your work can help with a lull. Whether they are directly related to your job or not, taking on some new tasks can make your working life more interesting.

 Take pride in what you do

Being proud of your role and how it fits into the company you work for can provide a nice boost to your overall outlook. It can be easy to overlook the importance of your job but by remembering how crucial your role is, you can get back a lot of that initial spark.

Find out what it is you dislike about your job. And change it.

We all have certain tasks in our jobs that we hate doing. This can impact on our overall enjoyment of our work. By figuring out the tasks you hate doing, you can be pro-active in changing how they are done. Perhaps you’ll find there is  better way to accomplish them that you can implement.

Stay connected to your colleagues

When you’re unhappy at work, it can be easy to isolate yourself from your colleagues. It is very important to stay connected to the people that you spend 5 days a week, or more, with. Your colleagues not only fulfill the important social aspect of your working life, but they can be a great source of support.

Falling out of love with work happens to most of us at some point in our careers. When you do anything for long enough, it can become a bit ‘boring’ or ‘samey’. To stay passionate about your job takes some work but it can make a huge difference to your working life.

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