First Fintech Degree Launched in Africa

Aug 31, 2017 | Blog

fintech, First Fintech Degree Launched in Africa

The words blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurriencies are sure to have popped up somewhere in your recent conversations – unless you’ve been living under a rock. Even if you haven’t been living under a rock, you could be excused for not fully understanding how these concepts actually work and operate – most people don’t. However the need for individuals in the Financial Services industry to gain this knowledge has become evident.

UCT has recently announced that it will be launching an innovative MSc in Data Science with a specialisation in Financial Technology in 2018. This will be an interdisciplinary degree offered through the departments of Statistics and Computer Science and will aim to bridge the gap for individuals in the Financial Services industry who need to keep up with the technological needs for this rapidly evolving industry. Here are the key points to know:

It’s designed to be part time

This degree has been specifically designed to be part time to allow individuals who are currently working in the Financial Services industry to supplement their current knowledge. The degree is however also available full time and there are full bursaries available for these students.

The requirements

Being a Masters degree, you will need to have completed an appropriate Honours degree with mathematical exposure and have achieved at least 65%. All applications for this degree need to be submitted by 31 October 2017.

For full application details visit:

The new courses

The degree is based on the existing Msc in Data Science but includes two brand new courses: Fintech and Cryptocurrencies and Financial Software Engineering. The Fintech and Cryptocurrencies course will be concluded with a blockchain hackathon which will combine both students and blockchain enthusiasts to work together on new practical blockchain application.

The dissertation

The minor dissertation will be done in a co-working space which will allow students to be exposed to an active fintech environment and start-up incubator. This dissertation will be conducted in collaboration with Barclay’s Rise Cape Town.

For more information about Rise Cape Town visit:

Course convener Dr Co-Pierre Georg says that their close and constant contact with the Financial Services industry has shown that there is a shift in the demand for individuals who understand modern data analytics and software development skills in the Financial Services industry. This new degree certainly holds exciting promise for the future of fintech in South Africa.

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