How Can I Be Headhunted?

Jul 22, 2021 | Blog


With the increase in demand for niche skills within the financial industry, there is a larger possibility to be headhunted. Headhunters often have teams of researchers scouring the market for candidates with a particularly scarce skill set or very specific experience or background.

Even if you are very happy in your current role, it’s always worth having a handle on what is going on in the market. Things can change in a day, so why not make sure you are attractive to potential employers? Remember you can always say to that headhunter, “No thank you, I’m not interested”. One day you might find yourself saying yes to a call from a headhunter.

Aim to be the best in your field

Aim to do your best to be headhunted is to work and share your successes through networking, sharing content on social media platforms like LinkedIn and getting involved in any publicized efforts made by your employer.

Chart your career

Start at the beginning – graduating from a well-respected university is a good place to start building a solid corporate career path.

Be an interactive professional online

Headhunters often scan through online platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook to find potential candidates.  Ensuring you have a 100% complete and detailed LinkedIn profile is essential for any professional, and being an active participant in discussions, or sharing content, goes further to boost your professional presence online.

Keep in touch

If you do have a CV posted anywhere online, ensure it is up-to-date and that your contact details are accurate, but if you wish to keep your contact details private online, ensure that you read and respond to messages you receive via your online networks.


With the rise of technology and digital trends, there is a big possibility that you will receive a call from a headhunter! Listen with an open mind, and explore anything that you think maybe of some interest to you.  You may find your dream career opportunity coming to knock on your door when you least expect it!

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