Healthy Job-Seeking Habits – 5 Tips from our Team

Jul 20, 2017 | Blog

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Job-seeking can be a bit of a rollercoaster. One day you’re super-motivated and the very next, you’re wallowing in self-pity. It can be easy to fall prey to the ups and downs of the job-seeker life, but there are ways to keep yourself on that even keel. Namely, getting into healthy job-seeking habits.

1) Be active

This is by far the most important habit to adopt. Don’t let a day go by without some kind of job-seeking activity. Whether it’s tinkering with your CV, checking for responses on recent applications, or doing some prep for an upcoming interview. Staying active makes you feel like you are constantly progressing and helps to maintain that all-important motivation.


2) Update your LinkedIn profile regularly

A lot of people look at LinkedIn profiles in much the same way as a CV – a real pain to update. The truth is, when you apply for a job, it will be one of the first places that your prospective employer will go – sometimes repeatedly so. It is imperative that you keep your LinkedIn profile as up-to-date and flawless as possible. This means going back to it regularly and continually improving it. It can always be better. Not only this, it can provide a boost for you as a job-seeking individual. Making your profile shine is a great way to increase your confidence, which can often take a knock when unemployed or passed over for jobs you’ve gone for.

Aside from updating your own profile on LinkedIn, you should also be using the other features it has, such as the ability to find and follow companies, get updates, job suggestions, etc. LinkedIn is a great free tool that is so frequently under-utilised. Make the most of what it can provide to you as a job-seeker.

3) Sync your CV and online profiles

It’s no good updating one profile and then submitting a CV that doesn’t align with it. Though they have access to online profiles, companies still almost invariably want that CV, so make sure it represents you in a way that is consistent with your professional online presence.

4) Set a goal

One of the things we hear a lot from job-seekers, especially those not currently employed, is that they feel somewhat aimless when on a job search. Yes, they are finding jobs to apply to and doing so often, but beyond that, they are sitting at home, waiting for that call or email. This can be a real anti-climax to the efforts already expended. An effective way to combat this motivation-killer is to set an end goal in mind. Visualise where you want to be after the job seeking is over. Keeping a solid goal in mind can help you remember that you are working towards something, regardless of the fact that you might not currently have a job.

5) Organise yourself

Whether with an excel spreadsheet or a notebook – make records of jobs you’ve applied to. Note down dates you applied, contacts you communicated with, responses you’ve had, job closing dates, feedback you’ve been given, and so on. This information is crucial in helping you to keep your bearings and informing future repeat applications should you apply to the same company again down the line.

There are many ways to stay motivated during a job search, but adopting these habits by making them part of your ‘normal’ job-seeking life can help significantly.


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