How to Improve Frontline Engagement and Retention

Feb 15, 2023 | Blog

How to Improve Frontline Engagement and Retention

Over the last few years, frontline employees have voiced their concerns regarding struggling to maintain their networks at work. Leaders are encouraged to start supporting their frontline workers, which will result in positive retention.

Frontline workers are known for being the direct link between the company and the customers, which is also where significant value creation and value capturing takes place. Frontline workers seem to be challenged when it comes to networks, relationships, trust and shared norms among team members and seniors. A study done in the United States of America has revealed that 55% of their frontline workers are unhappy with the number of genuine relationships they have in their work networks. In addition, 72% share that they have low sponsorship and 69% report low mentorship.

Frontline employees state that they do not receive enough connection opportunities, and with this being said, it is no surprise that 45% of these employees are planning to leave their job in the next 3-6 months.

There are three steps that leaders can take to increase frontline employee engagement and retain their workforce.

  1. Take note of your current frontline employee engagement channels and efforts.
    All leaders should make the time and effort to evaluate the current channels and strategies within their business that they use to engage with their frontline employees and determine what could be changed or improved upon.
  2. Talk to your frontline employees about their preferences
    This is the best way to figure out what it is that your employees need and want. This can be done formally through surveys and hosting focus groups, or informally through casual conversation.
  3. Invest in frontline managers and peer networks
    Frontline workers have confirmed that they do not socialise or seek out advice from their work colleagues on a regular basis, and they only engage with their colleagues less than once a month. This creates a huge opportunity for leaders to empower their employees and create safe communities that enables them to build networks in the workplace. Leaders would need to invest in building capabilities and ensuring that there are resources available to support these efforts.

By supporting and guiding frontline employees in this regard, leaders will be able to attract and maintain their frontline workers.

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How to Improve Frontline Engagement and Retention

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