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Jul 27, 2017 | Blog

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You know the drill. Before any interview you might have, it is imperative that you know the company like the back of your hand. Falling short of the mark when it comes to demonstrating your knowledge about the organisation you’re interviewing for is a really needless way to lose points. However, there is more to learning about a company than reading the ‘About Us’ section on their website (though it’s not the worst place to start). So once again, the CA team have some advice on how to properly research the company you are interviewing for.


The Company Website

This is a good place to start to get a basic sense of the company and it can also, depending on the website, lead you to lots of other sources of data via links and partner information. Read the website thoroughly – the company profile, the mission statement, policies, company culture, and so on. Make sure to also scour the website for any associations the organisation might have.

Social Media

The company website should have the links to all of the associated social media platforms, however, if not, then a simple search within the platforms should yield the results you need. Social media will give you a better understanding of the personality of the company. For example, LinkedIn will reveal networks and connections, while Facebook and Twitter will demonstrate more on the company culture and social side of things. Look at the posts but also any conversations being conducted over the company’s social media accounts.


Using Google or whatever your preferred search engine is, will yield more results, not always discoverable via the company website directly. You will find articles, blog posts, media pieces, public information on finances, and so on. These are great sources of information for getting to really know the company and also, their competitors.

Your Recruitment Consultant

This is one of the most unique sources of information and arguably the most useful. Your recruitment consultant knows their client thoroughly, as they will have worked with them for some time, with constant communication on a less formal level. Not only this, but they will have sent others for interviews with the organisation, who will have given feedback on the interviews and the types of questions that came up with regard to the candidate’s knowledge of the organisation.This kind of inside information is not something you’ll be able to find elsewhere so make sure you do not miss this step if you are working with a recruitment agency.

Finding information about an organisation is not difficult. The challenge comes with knowing which pieces of information are likely to come up. Make sure you start your research early, allowing time to assimilate it long before you interview. Last minute cramming will only serve to make you more nervous before the interview and will overshadow other preparation you are busy with.


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