How to Show Appreciation to Administrative Professionals While Working Remotely

Apr 5, 2021 | Blog

How to Show Appreciation to Administrative Professionals While Working RemotelyTeamwork is exactly that, a team of people working together to a single goal, each team member has a role and without any one of them, the task would be considerably harder or maybe even impossible.

Recognising great work and showing your staff that appreciation is a key management tool. With most companies now working remotely or some form of hybrid arrangement, this can be more difficult than before.

4 ideas to show staff appreciation:

  1. Give out company awards: Praising staff’s good work in a public forum is always a good idea. To take things up a level do so with a formal certificate that can be displayed at the chosen staff members desk.
  2. Show appreciation with gifts: Another idea as an alternative to an award would be to give your staff gifts as rewards for good work done. Anything from flowers, treats or gift vouchers are great for this with a relatively small cost outlay but a big reward morally for the team.
  3. Encourage professional development: Offering your team opportunities to enhance their knowledge and qualifications delivers multiple benefits. Firstly is shows your team you believe in them and support them, and secondly, by gaining new knowledge they increase their capabilities as an asset to the company. Both parties win!
  4. Offer employee perks: As everyone enjoys rewards for work well done make a habit of offering small gifts of appreciation such as allowing a staff member to leave work early or gain additional leave days.

Do’s and Don’ts when expressing gratitude

Whilst we have already established that showing gratitude towards a team or individual team member is a good thing, one does have to be careful how you express this. Take a look at the below hints:

  • DO make sure you’re sincere and you relate your praise to a specific achievement or task.
  • DO tailor your praise to the employee. Some people like public shows of appreciation, while others like to be recognized privately. You may be able to judge from their personality how a particular person likes to be recognized.
  • DO make your praise timely. If you appreciate something your administrative professional did, offer a simple thank you in the moment.
  • DO give a meaningful gift for going above and beyond. An unthoughtful gift could be worse than giving no gift at all.
  • DO be direct. In addition to showing how much you appreciate administrative staff, it’s important to also tell them so they get the message.
  • DON’T overdo your praise. It might come across as forced or even insincere.
  • DON’T be too general. People appreciate hearing not only that they did a good job, but also what you liked about how they did it or what impact it had.

Words of praise for your administrative staff

While every praise you give to your staff should be tailored to each specific staff member and instance here are a few ideas of how to thank support personnel:

“Thanks for keeping our department’s files so organized. Because of you, I wasn’t fumbling to find what I needed for that last-minute conference call!”

“I notice how friendly and helpful you are when communicating one-on-one. Thanks for helping clients feel like they matter to us and making people in other workgroups view our department as approachable.”

Getting this right will leave an employee feeling happy and motivated to work harder, it will also lower their stress levels. But get it wrong and it could make them feel awkward and confused. The best is to always think carefully about what you want to say before saying it.

With modern stresses only getting higher for all professionals, team gratitude is more important than ever before. A thank-you can make the difference between a good day and a bad day, never forget that.

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