The Importance of Team Building

May 15, 2014 | Blog

Team building

Some of the ‘special’ CA Team!


Building a cohesive and happy team is key to the smooth running of any organisation, no matter what the head count. But making sure everyone gets on and supports one another can be tricky with the variety of personality types that can exist under one roof. One of the most effective and successful ways of building a harmonious team is to put on team-building events and outings. These may things as relaxed as after work drinks to annual orienteering getaways.

So just how does team building help an organisation to work together better?

Gets everyone on the same page

In a world of emails, texts, conference calls, video calls and instant messaging, important messages can easily get lost in transit. Nothing beats the old fashioned and seemingly out-dated style of communication that is talking. Team building events support this aspect of interaction and this can work very well to get everyone on the same page. If everyone knows what the company vision is and the future plans, then working towards goals will be far more fruitful.

It’s great for inductees

‘Newbies’ on the scene will appreciate the extra effort put into making them feel welcomed to an organisation. It can be difficult for a new starter to get to know everyone on a decent level with passing hallway conversations or emails and meetings. A team building event will ensure ample opportunity to get on friendly terms with colleagues from all over the company.

It’s great for morale and motivation

Team building events are fun. They put everyone in a good mood and this feeling rubs off on their perception of the company. Not only do these events get everyone socialising, but they help everyone to see the organisation they work for in a positive light, increasing their loyalty and motivation.

They are a great talking point

Not everyone who joins a company is a social butterfly. Some people find it difficult to make conversation that goes beyond small talk. Team events are great subjects for conversation. More than this, they provide a brilliant way to look back over the time spent at an organisation.

Many companies overlook this aspect of running a business, but for a cohesive, productive, and most of all, happy team it is absolutely vital.


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