Linkedin – Are you making it work for you?

Nov 30, 2015 | Blog

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Linkedin is one of, if not the most useful free tools available to jobseekers today. With over 500 million users, you cannot afford not to be one of them. However, it is one thing to have an account and quite another to have a great account. Too often, we, as recruiters, see Linkedin users who could be doing so much more with their presence on the platform. Do not be fooled – we  look at Linkedin for every candidate we come across. If your Linkedin profile leaves a lot to be desired, you’re losing out. Our team has some tips on making sure your profile shines.

Allocate time

This is one of the most important steps in really making your LI profile great. Too many people do an odd tweak here and there when they have a little time over lunch or on a coffee break but that simply isn’t good enough. Linkedin is essentially a CV and you certainly wouldn’t write your CV that way, so don’t do it with your Linkedin profile. Set aside a decent amount of time to go through every part of it.

Remember it is a search engine

Your profile is searchable (and searched) constantly. When creating or improving it, make sure you keep in mind keywords. Think about the words you would want your profile to be found with and make sure you get them in there. Don’t go overboard – you don’t need to spatter them all over the place, just make sure they are present.

Consider your headline carefully

Your headline is particularly search-friendly so make sure you get your top keyword in there, but more than that, make it the most relevant headline to you as possible. However, it’s not all about the keywords – we simply advocate not wasting the opportunity to use them. Your headline also has to represent you. It’s a chance to be a bit creative and construct a headline that will stand out and leave recruiters and HR staff in no confusion as to who you are. Top Tip: try a few out before you commit to one – this is definitely one of the parts of your profile you’ll find yourself scratching your head over for a while.

That photo

People still get it so wrong when it comes to their LinkedIn profile photos. It is not Facebook. It is not a dating site. It is not a modelling shoot (unless your profession is modelling!). Of course, your occupation does dictate how much ‘fun’ you can have with your photo, but generally speaking, your LinkedIn photo should simply be a professional headshot in good resolution. Don’t crop a headshot out of a party pic or travel album.

Customise your URL

This is another important step that makes you easier to find on Linkedin. It’s simple and quick to do so take a few seconds and get it done. Here are the steps you need:

  • Go to ‘View Profile’
  • Click the ‘Edit public profile and URL’ section on the right.
  • This will open a new page with a pen icon next to your current URL. Click on the pen icon to alter it.

Soup-up the summary

Your summary is your opportunity to really express who you are in a way that differentiates yourself from others. Other Linkedin users may have similar experience, background and qualifications, but the summary is truly where you can be unique and stand out from the crowd. Use everything in your arsenal – got a recorded presentation you gave? Get it in there. Designed an industry-relevant slideshow – add it in. Your summary does not have to be only text and it certainly does not have to be stuffy and run-of-the-mill.

There are many ways to make your LI profile stand out. We’ve covered the basics here. Stay tuned for further posts on getting your Linkedin profile working for you.

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