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Motivating yourself through others

Mar 17, 2016 | Blog

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For so many, maintaining motivation at work can be a struggle, particularly for jobs we’ve been in for a long time. There has been plenty written on the subject of staying motivated – things like taking regular breaks, organising yourself, re-thinking your priorities, etc., and this all certainly works to a point, but it rests on you and only you. For some, self motivation is really difficult, so why not take motivation from others as well. Here’s how you can do that.

Interact more

You may have a role that is for the most part completely autonomous, but even if you don’t really need to collaborate with others to do what you need to do, have a go at interacting on some level about your work more than you might have thought you needed. You might find there is someone whose input would actually help you out and improve what you’re doing. Teamwork is a great motivating force.

Work aside, make an effort to chat more with your co-workers. Take an interest in what they are doing – you never know, you might be able to bestow a gem of wisdom or some insight they don’t have and improve what they are doing. This is another strong motivator in the workplace.

Build others up

This is a great thing to do both in a friendly workplace and in the ‘cut throat’ type of office where building others up appears to be the opposite of the goal. It’s a relatively rare thing to encounter so when it happens, it has quite an impact. People generally expect praise from the boss or someone higher up, at least, so when a colleague makes a positive comment about something they’ve done it can solidify a meaningful work relationship and provide motivation to that person. Knowing you’ve motivated someone by complimenting their work can in itself be a great motivation boost for you as well.

Be observant

You and your colleagues spend a lot of time together and inevitably personal aspects of life are going to creep into the work arena. Don’t overlook significant details. If your colleague just went from blonde to brunette then comment on the change. Pay them a compliment about it. If their kid has just started school, ask how it’s going. If someone is trying to quit smoking, be supportive. Just be careful to understand the difference between work-appropriate compliments and pleasantries, and those that are not appropriate for the workplace.

By making the workplace a more pleasant space to spend time in, you will find that your motivation increases. Too often, we go through the motions of a job, forgetting how crucial it is to make sure you are really happy in that place you spend at least 40 hours a week in.

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