Reasons to Follow an Internal Auditing Career

Nov 23, 2021 | Blog

An Internal Auditor can be defined as ‘ a qualified professional employed by a business or organization to deliver independent and objective evaluations of financial business activities’. The main responsibility of an Internal Auditor would be to identify problems and correct them before they are discovered during an external audit.

Here are the top three reasons why you should pursue a career in Internal Auditing:

Demand is High

The demand for Internal Auditors in Cape Town (but South Africa as a whole) has increased over the last decade. Companies within the financial industry are looking for specialised individuals who are skilled in a certain segment of accounting, and Internal Auditing is one of the jobs on their radar.

Internal Auditing is one of the in-demand accounting positions in Cape Town’s market. As organisations push to improve internal controls and transparency, many companies are willing to train potential candidates to become specialized in the internal auditing trade in return for services.

No Formal Certifications

As opposed to a Chartered Accountant who needs to pass a two-part certification as well as have an Honours degree, to become an Internal Auditor, one needs to only obtain a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and get the necessary work experience in the industry. Companies are always looking for candidates who have both educational qualifications as well as work experience.

Salaries are Strong

Internal Audit Jobs are in demand in Cape Town, which means that the salaries are strong for qualified individuals. Many organisations in Cape Town are finding out how valuable it is to hire Internal Auditors to assess and correct their financials before an external auditor finds anything untoward. Internal Auditing jobs are effective at pointing out any weaknesses of the business operations before it’s too late.

If you’ve followed this career path and are you a qualified Internal Auditor? Check out our job board for available vacancies.

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