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Why join forces with a recruiter?

Jan 26, 2017 | Blog, recruitment

Recruitment is hard. Contrary to some popular beliefs, it’s simply not as easy as finding Person A for Job A and Person B for Job B. The process involves multiple stages that are aimed at keeping everyone happy – the client, the jobseeker and the recruiter. Achieving a win – win – win situation is not easy to do. There is a lot on the line if a recruiter gets a placement wrong – the happiness of the jobseeker, the relationship they have with the client and of course, their own time and effort. What this means is that recruiters have to be really good at what they do if they want to keep doing it. So what exactly is it that makes recruiters such worthy allies for those looking for work?

They want your placement to work for you

It’s pretty simple. Your recruiter needs you to be happy in the job you take. That’s it. They want you to love what you’re doing because that means they’ve succeeded in their job. If you’re content, you’ll stay, and if you stay it means the client is also content, which leads onto the next point.

They want your new employer to be happy with you

Your new employer is often their client, and as such, they are another party they want to keep happy. They want both you and your new organisation to work harmoniously together and if this happens, they’ve done their job properly.

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So why does this make them great at what they do? Well, because they have to get it right every time. What this means to you, as the jobseeker, is that you won’t waste time in unsuccessful interviews and you won’t end up in a job you don’t like.


  • Recruiters have the experience and expertise – What could be hours, maybe even days and weeks of finding job openings, locating contact people and their details, tailoring each application, a recruiter will do in a fraction of the time. They have the contacts, the relationships and the direct lines that you don’t. They also have knowledge of positions that have not been publicly advertised that you would ordinarily have missed out on.
  • Recruiters know your potential employer – They can put in good words for you and they know how best to present you to the client. They can also prep you for your interviews, giving you a nice head start, not to mention taking the edge off the pre-interview nerves!
  • Recruiters have all of the information you need – How much should you be asking for a salary? What kind of probation period is appropriate? Are you getting a fair amount of holiday allowance? What promotion prospects are there? Medical aid? Pension? These can be difficult to bring up with a prospective employer. Your recruiter will either know, or simply be better placed to find out for you.

Recruiters are passionate about helping jobseekers realise their professional potential. They can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to landing your dream job, so get in touch and let them help you with your search.


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