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Relocating for a new job? Here’s what you should consider first.

Nov 3, 2016 | Blog

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

There can be many reasons one might decide to take a job that requires relocating, whether locally, or internationally. Sometimes it’s forced but often it’s a real opportunity for progression. Whatever the reason, it is a huge step and needs careful prior consideration.

It’s not just about you

There’s more than just yourself to think about when it comes to work motivated relocation. Before you even entertain the idea of a move, you need to consider your personal situation. Make sure you discuss the subject exhaustively with your partner before any commitments are made. Ensure you have all the information you need to be able to answer any questions and to be able to allay concerns. The thought of a relocation might sounds frightening to the others it will affect, but more so if you don’t have all the facts. It could be the difference between going or staying. Never rush the decision and never allow for gaps in your information.

What kind of shape is the potential new company in?

Making such a bold move requires research. A large part of that research needs to be about the new company you will be working for.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that the company is in a good position financially. Regardless of what the company is offering, you should feel confident about the future of your position there.

What’s the area like?

You also need to research outside of the company you will be moving to. What’s the area like that you would be living in. What are the house prices like? What kinds of amenities are there? If you can’t see yourself enjoying life in the new location then perhaps give moving further thought. Your quality of life outside of work is just as important as your quality of life inside it.

What will the company help with?

Relocating can get very expensive so it’s worth finding out how much the company are willing to help with covering costs. The last thing you want after the drama of a complete relocation is to find yourself plunged into debt from the cost of the move.

Why are you leaving?

If it’s not a forced move, you need to make sure that you’re leaving for the right reasons. Feeling bored at work is not always a great reason to move for. If you’re unhappy, you need to address the root of the cause and if after that, you still believe a move to be the only solution, then you can give it more consideration. Otherwise, find less disruptive ways to improve your working life.

The success of your relocation will depend mostly on the amount of research you do. While you should certainly take a move seriously, you also shouldn’t be scared off by the enormity of the decision. Make sure all parties involved are carefully considered and the right choice about relocating will be easy to make.


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