Seven Definitive Signs that it’s Time to Leave

Aug 17, 2017 | Blog

Maraine Basson

In your personal life and in your professional life there inevitably comes a time where you start to wonder whether it’s time to close the book or whether it’s time to push through. If you’re experiencing any of the seven signs below, it’s probably better for you to simply close the book and start looking for a better story.

You’re simply exhausted

Whether it’s emotionally, physically or mentally, being exhausted constantly is just not right. Your job should be demanding and being tired from time to time is normal but it is however not normal and not fine for you to be feeling drained more often than not.


You just don’t care

You may be slacking on accuracy, you may be procrastinating more than actually working, you may simply be finding yourself staring at your to-do list with no desire to get through it; all of these are clear signs that your motivation is dead and you have just stopped caring.

You’ve lost respect

For whatever the reason, having lost respect for your superiors or the way in which your business conducts itself is something one rarely builds up again and results in a very trying environment for both you as the employee and your employer.

You’re walking on egg shells

If you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, petrified of making a mistake and you feel as though someone is just sitting and waiting for you to make a mistake, you need to realize that that’s absolutely toxic. There’s healthy caution and then there’s thiswhich is just a constant state of anxiety and is hugely unhealthy.

You doubt security

Restructures, retrenchments, financial instability, mergers, sales, etc. If anything like this is happening within your company and you have reason to feel that your position or your income isn’t safe then walking away makes complete sense.

You’re just bored

A lack of challenges and a lack of opportunities that allow learning can very quickly result in becoming very bored. Being bored in turn becomes extremely demotivating and your job will rapidly become less and less enjoyable.

You’re looking for reasons

The fact that you’re reading a post about signs to leave your job shows that you’re already considering it. The reality is that you don’t always need to have a logical reason to leave, sometimes the mere desire to leave or desire for change is enough. Trust your own feelings.

Most of the time you’ll find that several of these signs tend to be present at the same time but the reality is that none of the above signs should consistently be presenting in your work and if they are, there’s something very, very wrong.

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