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A lot of businesses in South Africa and abroad have come to a stand-still because of the Covid-19 lockdown. The fortunate ones have completely transitioned to online remote work and others have downscaled to core functions only. No matter the boat you find yourself and your business in, you cannot simply keep watching the many waves of change around you. You have to focus on getting safely to shore and plan ahead for what your recovery and your new normal will look like.

Business Continuity Management

How many of us had a BCM policy in place when Covid-19 hit our shores? I believe it is safe to say that in the days leading up to the start of the lockdown, many businesses were scrambling to ensure key personnel were in a position to continue their work from home. In 2017, a survey by IT Web found that around 14% of local organisations did not have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place, and it’s likely that in reality, the figure is much higher. Continuity SA is an excellent source of information on how to be better prepared for a disaster such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

To recruit or not to recruit during the Covid-19 lockdown?

We know that some industries are going to be harder hit by the effects of the lockdown than others. Those in non-essential manufacturing, retail, logistics and construction for example. In these sectors, it can make sense that most recruitment processes be put on hold until the business has sight of their business landscape, post-pandemic. If, however, you are in the midst of a recruitment process for an essential role, there is merit in continuing that process during the lockdown.

Society’s ability to connect online is greater than ever, and platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams make connecting people in business a near lifelike experience. If you manage to continue your recruitment process through the lockdown, you have a distinct advantage over your competition. 

Pros of hiring during the lockdown

Candidates are more readily available to meet with you (remotely). 

Many talented professionals will be facing an uncertain future within their current organisation and will be more open to exploring new opportunities. 

When this pandemic is over, you will easily be two months ahead of your competition into the recovery phase, and you will have the best people coming on board to drive that return to business as usual. 

What we are doing at CA Financial Appointments

We Are Fully Operational During Covid-19 CA Financial Appointments

We are fortunate to be fully operational with 100% of our team working from home. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we continue to facilitate ongoing recruitment processes and we have committed ourselves to continue the expansion of our network of talented finance professionals. When we all return to business as usual, we intend to have access to the very best talent currently considering opportunities in the market. 

Do you have a role that you are unsure of recruiting for in this current environment? Get in touch with me or any of my knowledgeable colleagues. We will be happy to talk through the best timeframe and requirements for your business to get safely to shore.

Written by Cathy Symmonds – Financial Recruitment Consultant – 

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