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Staying motivated at the end of the year

Nov 26, 2015 | Blog

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You know the feeling. You’re nearing the end of a busy year. You’ve worked hard. You’re tired and cannot wait to take some time off and relax. With the holiday season around the corner, it can be far too easy to ‘check out’ ahead of schedule and find this final stretch a really hard slog. We’ve got some advice to keep you motivated to get the most out of this tricky part of the year.

Take up a new physical activity

Your energy level has a lot to do with your motivation in general. Work is no exception. Taking up a new sport or physical hobby can do wonders for your energy levels and your motivation. It doesn’t have to be something as taxing as running or cycling, it can be as simple as hitting a few balls on the driving range or talking a brisk walk every day. Find something that works for you and you’ll find a new lease of life when it comes to the workplace.

Plan your break

We’re not talking a day by day schedule of events – your break is a time for you not to have to run on a schedule. However, we do recommend planning the annoying things that will play on your mind at work in the run up to the break. Things like gift-buying and family gatherings need some thought so get it done and out of the way so you are free to focus on your last stretch at work.

Organise your desk 

It is really easy to just let your desk stay cluttered and disorganised when you have that ‘the year is almost done’ mentality. This can really hinder your drive so make a point of organising your desk and creating a plan to take you to the end of the year in a productive way.

Get a health check

When motivation is becoming a serious problem, despite having tried all the things you can do to stay focused, consider a trip to your GP. There could be a medical reason behind it. Sometimes, when you are lacking in Vitamin B or Iron, it can make you feel especially tired. Supplements can help to perk you up and make you feel like yourself again.

Don’t forget about next year

When all you can think about is that last day of work and the fun you’ll have with family and friends, it can be all too easy to forget that you will be coming back. Your 2016 self will be kicking your 2015 self if you leave things in such a way that you have to spend the first part of the new year sorting out old issues and clearing up. By prepping properly for the new year at work, you will not only do your future self a favour but it can motivate you to finish out the year on a high point and make you excited for what is to come.

Keeping your energy levels up ahead of the imminent break can be tricky, but with a few simple steps, you can end the year with as much motivation as you began it with.

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