Staying Motivated and Productive at Work

Mar 19, 2014 | Blog

demotivated at work

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We all have lulls at work; days or even weeks when we just can’t seem to get enough done. It can quickly snowball out of control with slow-going work leading to decreased motivation and even less work getting done.

A way out of this lull is to get yourself organised. There are plenty of things that you can do for yourself that will help to snap you out of the boredom, keep you motivated and help you get things done.

Often, being productive at work is just a matter of not avoiding the inevitable and dealing with the work that needs to get done as soon as possible. Below are a few tips on how to be more productive each day you are at work.

Put a plan in place: Having a daily, weekly or monthly plan in place will help you know exactly what needs to be done and when. Putting important tasks or difficult tasks at the top of the list will ensure that you get these out of the way and not push them to the back of the pile. Sticking to the plan and the deadlines set in the plan will help you get through the day in a more productive manner.

Prioritise your work: Creating a list of work in accordance with importance and sticking to it will help you be more productive. This will prevent you from delaying work that is difficult or monotonous, and relieve pressure and stress for yourself further down the list. It’s a good idea to never leave any unfinished work before starting on new work, no matter how tedious the current work might be.

Set a goal: As you plan your activities, you should also note what your goal is. This is very important for helping you feel satisfied with the work you have done and completing it in a way that achieves your goals. This will help you stay more focused and help you note whether your day has been productive, based on whether your goals have been achieved on not. Achievements are pivotal in helping you to stay focused and to motivate you to carry on.

Ensure your environment is suitable: The space in which you work in is crucial for working productively. A cluttered and untidy desk can greatly affect the way your brain works and how you handle the tasks at hand. Having a clean and clutter-free desk will make you feel less stressed, work faster and help you concentrate better on the work that needs to be done.

Take a break: Even if you have a lot of work to get done, taking a break is so important for your productivity. It will allow you to de-stress, stretch your legs, eat and drink. All of this will refresh you and help you have a new and maybe even better outlook on your work and the tasks that need to be completed.

Avoid small talk: Small talk and gossip can take up quite a lot of your time and so should be avoided in particularly busy times. Catching up with your work colleagues could be done during your lunch break or after work. Chatting can lead to a lapse in concentration and a waste of your time and thus, a number of uncompleted tasks.

By keeping the above in mind, you can give your productivity at work a real boost. Your thoughts will be more organised because a clear plan would have been set by you, and your work environment make it easier you to complete tasks on time and with diligence.

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