Staying Positive During your Job Search

Oct 5, 2017 | Blog

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For some jobseekers, the process of job-seeking can be an exciting one, full of promise and exciting new potential opportunities. For others, it can be somewhat soul-destroying, robbing seekers of motivation and drive.

So what can you do to stay positive and keep the job-hunting momentum going?

Be realistic not idealistic

While it would be a nice coincidence to have a new year and new job occur at the same time (we are on the downward spiral to Christmas, after all), there’s no reason you should actually find your next job in any particular part of the year. Job searching is an on-going thing.

Remember that there is nothing to be gained from being negative

Though it’s easier said than done, banishing negative thoughts can be what makes or breaks your job search success. It can be really hard to stay positive after a rejection but it’s crucial to get into that habit of brushing yourself off and carrying on with as much enthusiasm as before. If you stay negative, it may well show in the way you word your job applications and the way you present yourself to potential employers or recruitment agents.

Consider a recruitment agency (if you haven’t already)

Many hands make light work, so why not have more people in your corner to help with the job search? There are masses of advantages with having a specialist recruitment agency help you with your job search. They have the contacts, the relationships, the experience, the industry knowhow and a vested interest in doing exactly what you’re doing – striving to get you gainfully and happily employed. It’s a no-brainer.

Stay occupied

Though job hunting should take up the bulk of your day when unemployed, it shouldn’t be all consuming. You need to take regular breaks to stay productive, but breaks that still keep you busy so as not risk wallowing in the negativity that unemployment can sometimes bring. Go for a run, meet up with friends, read, watch a movie – whatever takes your mind off the job hunt for a while.

Talk about it

It can really help to talk about your job situation to others. Too often, we keep it to ourselves as though unemployment is a taboo subject, but when we chat to others about it, we soon remember that everyone has been through it. At worst, you’ll get sympathy from those around you, but you may also get some great advice to keep you motivated. There is often comfort in finding out that others are or have been through the same thing as you.

Remember how quickly things can change

Job searching can feel like an uphill battle at times, so it’s important to remember that it can all change very quickly. Be sure to do everything from your side that you can – keep your CV in ship-shape, work on your personal brand, network, practice your interviewing skills and you’ll be well-equipped when you need to be.

So, if you’re yet to land that new job you were hoping for, do not despair. Find a way to stay motivated that works for you and don’t let the negative thoughts creep in!





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