A Guide to Careers in Finance

Jun 29, 2021 | Blog

Finance jobs in Cape Town

If you are still pondering about your career choice, this is the blog to read. Finance jobs in Cape Town have increased by over 10% in 2020. The financial industry has grown and evolved over the years and would be a wise career choice.

Here are some examples of potential careers in Finance:

Financial Analysis

A Financial Analyst is an individual who may work as a consultant or reviewer who shares their expertise on economic and financial data and trends. With a finance job in Cape Town as a Financial Analyst, you will be covering financial data, trends and observe the financial markets closely. They will also research micro-and macro-economic conditions in order to make predictions about a business or industry. A Financial Analyst will also be responsible for developing financial models in order to predict future economic conditions.

Portfolio Management

If you have a knack for research, analysis and interpreting investment data, as well as keeping up to date with relevant investment market conditions, then Portfolio Management might be the right finance job in Cape Town, for you. Some Portfolio Managers are responsible for the creation and management of client portfolios, whilst others are purely responsible for managing the client’s transactions and expectations of their investments.

Trading Jobs

The search for finance jobs in Cape Town is endless. There are many routes to take within the Financial Services industry and a job as a Trader is one of them. Traders buy and sell stocks, forex and other securities on any financial market, either by themselves or on behalf of an organization.

The job aspirants looking for careers in financial services can locate jobs in various sectors, such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Fund Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Corporate Finance
  • Banking
  • Investment Banking

The finance jobs in Cape Town are not limited if you meet the qualifications and skills required. In the financial services sector, the jobs that are most in-demand are for Financial Accountants, Financial Managers, Fund Accountants, Financial Analysts, Equity Analysts, Financial Advisors and Compliance Officers.

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