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Working with Recruitment Agencies – Part 2: Urgent Means Urgent!

Jul 21, 2016 | Blog


There is a variety of ways that an applicant can tie the hands of a recruitment consultant. A lot of the time, the applicant is simply not aware of just how adverse an impact their actions may have.

In this next instalment of ‘working with recruitment agencies‘, we look at the subject of time keeping and its importance in the application process.

Time keeping is key

The time frame that exists between request and action can be a much-overlooked but incredibly important aspect of working with recruiters. It’s a frequent source of frustration for recruiters, who are at the behest of client deadlines for applications. As an applicant, you want to get the most from using a recruiter when seeking out that perfect role, so it is important to ensure that you don’t clip any wings with bad timekeeping.

When a recruitment consultant asks you to send your transcripts, reference contact details, to call back, or to provide information urgently, it is very important that you understand that taking these requests seriously is crucial to the success of your application.

Often, there are deadlines by when the client needs information, and when a consultant presses you it is because they want you to be considered for the role and to improve your chances of getting the position. If you fail to cooperate within a certain timeframe, not only may the consultant be unable to submit you for the role, but more importantly, they will see this an indication as to what your work ethic and ability to meet deadlines is like.

Keep us in the loop

We understand that there may be unavoidable instances whereby a delay cannot be helped. So, if you have a valid reason for being unable to meet an agreed upon deadline, call the consultant you are working with and explain before the time. If you can give us a heads-up then we can better mitigate the potential knock-on effects caused by the delay.

Don’t let poor timekeeping ruin what could be a perfect application!

Stay tuned for part 3. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.


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