“Do you have any questions for us?”

Oct 19, 2017 | Blog, Interviews

Photo credit: www.bestgreatservice.com

Photo credit: www.bestgreatservice.com

There comes a time in every interview that candidates either love or hate. That moment when your interviewer says ‘Do you have any questions for us?’. It might be that you have a million, or it might be that you have none at all. You know it looks bad to not ask any questions. It makes you appear uninterested in the role, the company and the people interviewing you. Whether there is information that you are yet to glean in the interview or not, asking questions when prompted is important. Here’s some advice from the CA team on what you can do at this section of the interview.

Who is an ideal candidate for this role?

This question prompts your interviewer to essentially tell you exactly what they are looking for in a candidate. It will allow them to tell you what skills, strengths and abilities they are looking for during the interview process. It provides an opportunity to fill in any gaps you think you may have left with regard to your own skills during the interview.

What do you like about working at the company?

It’s perfectly acceptable to get a little bit personal and take an interest in your interviewer themselves, rather than the actual company. A few questions about them are fine, just don’t use too many.

What is the team I’d be working with like?

This question shows serious interest in the role. Finding out about the the people you’d be working with shows investment in the position – you want to know your colleagues already and you haven’t even landed the job yet!

What issues is the company facing? Would I be in a position to assist in solving them?

This question demonstrates a teamwork type of mindset and a forward-thinking disposition. You are showing you don’t just want to land the role that is available, but you want to really invest in the company and be integral in improving it.

What further training opportunities are there?

This is a very important question to ask to be able to ascertain what kind of progression there could be with the role. It not only shows the interviewer you are willing to commit to the company 100%, but it also lets you know whether this a role with a future or a dead-end one. However, be careful not to expand on the subject too much, lest it appear as though you’re already looking to move out of the role you enter on.

Do you have any concerns about my qualifications or skills?

This is a question for the brave interviewee and should only be asked if you are extremely comfortable about your skills and abilities. It demonstrates confidence, but only if you can concisely address any concerns that might be brought up.

What is the next step?

You will kick yourself if you leave the interview not knowing what the next stage is, so ask. If you’re working with a recruitment agency, this is obviously not such a problem as your consultant will be able to tell you. However, there’s no harm in enquiring yourself.

The ‘do you have any questions for us?’ section in an interview is not something to be feared. It is a fantastic opportunity to display your eagerness for the role without being over-enthusiastic, as well as a time to get the info you need. Job interviews are as much about making sure the company is right for you as you are for them, so take advantage and ask away!


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