Outsourced Financial Executives

Our outsourced solutions solve your strategic financial difficulties​

Understanding the financial processes and numbers with Part-time Financial Executives that add value immediately without full-time employment. Variable monthly availability with a bespoke solution based upon unique requirements.

Alternatively, Interim or Problem solving Financial Executives where permanent resources are just too thinly stretched.

Obtaining the data, Outsourced and full-time CFOs have the same functions. Their key functions include:

  • Budgeting and planning – your finances are always under control.
  • Financial projections / forecasting – reflecting potential and improving company performance.
  • Cash flow management and challenges – ensuring capital availability.
  • Financial reporting, record keeping and presentations – financial health for investors and at board meetings.
  • Improving financial stability and preparing for growth.
  • Raising capital (Debt or Equity).
  • Optimising systems.
  • Creating long-term financial strategy.

Developing the metrics / dashboards, strategic finance services include:

  • Profitability Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vendor Analysis & Negotiation
  • Operational Benchmarking
  • Strategic Networking
  • Optimal structuring

Improving accountability supporting key performance delivery with measurement providing part-time and interim financial managers and CFO’s without onerous labour laws and no long-term commitment.

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Financial forecasting is the roadmap that advises purchasing, R&D, hiring, capital raises, sales structure, and more to achieve your goals. Our virtual / OUTsource CFOs will take intelligence from your business data, trends, projections, and business goals to design a forecast that guides you to get from your current to where you want to go.

Staff Development

Our Outsourced Executive role includes assisting the financial strategy. We are able to train staff in financial strategy for future growth, elevating in-house skills of permanent employees to succeed when we are gone, or we will assist you find a CFO permanently.


Not receiving on-time or accurate financial reporting? Finances have become too complex to keep tabs on financial health? Poor understanding of your cash flow? Require more advanced and timely financial data? Our Outsourced Executive CA can help. We design and implement the best financial systems, practices, and reporting for you.


Our Outsourced Executive CA  will scrutinise your cash flow, vendor contracts, compensation strategy, and more to ensure you are maximising your products or services. Changes to resource or inventory management, vendor contracts, and better utilisation of existing cash has benefits to your bottom line.


Sustainable growth for long-term success. We provide assistance in fine-tuning systems and processes for better business intelligence. Forecasting growth and what this growth will mean for human capital deployment, purchases of inventory and capital equipment, and more.


We have relationships with both debt and equity providers as well as experience raising funding. We are able to assist in preparing the memoranda for a raise, and plan and forecast how to best utilise the funds.

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