SAIPA, BTech Internal Auditing

Coloured Female

Availability: Calendar month

R300k per annum

A SAIPA qualified Accountant who is presents well. Describes herself as more of an introvert but enjoys working with others. She tells me she is not the most talkative person in the office but rather prefers to focus her energy on her work and gets the job done. She also tells me she enjoys supervising others and makes sure she is available to those who need her guidance. Listing her strengths as being accurate, thorough, systematic, hardworking and loves a challenge. She mostly enjoys the audit side, tax and accounts processing. Stress and pressure are nothing new to her, staying organised, focused and planning ahead is how she handles it.

For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please contact: | 083 394 5118

Ref No: 90441

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