PGD in Management, BSc in Computational & Applied Mathematics
Black Male
Availability: Calendar month
R700 000 per annum

This candidate comes across confidently with a calm demeanour. He has completed a BSc in Computational & Applied Mathematics, a PGD in Management and is currently busy with a Risk Management Certificate. He has gained over 6 years’ worth of experience within the banking sector in an analytical role.

His areas of expertise lie with Model Development, Credit Risk, Impairments & AVAF Acquisitions. When discussing his strengths, he tells me that he boasts the rare combination (in his field of expertise) of having extroverted interpersonal skills and a highly analytical, figure-inclined brain. He adds that when it’s time to focus, he puts in everything and has the ability to zone out and complete the task at hand.

He tells me that he thrives on challenges and can very smoothly deal with pressure. He goes on by adding that he feels he has good leadership skills and enjoys mentoring. He also tells me that it could be a weakness as he often finds himself assisting others, and has to stay overtime to complete his work.

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Ref No: 99156

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