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COO/Head of Operations


White Male

Availability: Calendar month

Market related salary

Presenting a well-seasoned CA(SA), an accountant by profession but with a mindset of an engineer, as he says. Having spent a successful year as the CEO of a growing tech-focused business, he decided to make a transition back to the type of work that energizes him the most, helping teams and businesses improve through innovation. With a diverse background in operational processes, data analysis, systems and tech, finance, legal, and marketing, he feels he thrives in solving complicated and complex problems with effective and practical solutions. The result, driving innovation through creative thinking and intelligent use of resources. He has designed/built/implemented various systems, processes, and products to create significant efficiencies of scale, driven through digitization and smarter use of information. With a finance background, he brings a solid commercial and business acumen with good experience in financial modelling and developing value/business cases. Describing himself as a decisive leader when needed, particularly in times of crisis. He says he is someone who attentively listens to team input and drives value generating outcomes by leveraging the individual strengths of team members. David confirms he is strategically and commercially minded with a results-oriented nature, he says he enjoys an environment that values a win/win philosophy for all stake holders.

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Ref No 83137

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