CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting, BComm Honours in Management Accounting, BComm Management Accounting
White Female
Availability: Calendar month
R540 000 per annum

She comes across as a friendly, bubbly and outspoken individual. She has completed a BComm Honours in Management Accounting as well as her CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting. She has gained over 7 years’ experience in the accounting sphere and more specifically pure management accounting over the last 2 years. When discussing her strengths, she tells me that she feels she works very independently and does not need someone to look over her shoulder. She feels she is able to use her initiative. She also adds that she has perseverance. When a deadline needs to be met, she will work overtime, whatever is needed to complete the task at hand. She would like to continue her career in a well-established organization that will make use of her supervisory and management skills to benefit mutual development and achievement.

For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email

Ref No CPT-ZVE-06/09/2018

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