IAT, ND Internal Audit, NHC in Accounting, CIA Part I (Current)
Indian Female
Availability: 30 days
R540 000 per annum

A highly impressive individual with a great personality, this candidate presents as ambitious, eager and respectful with a passion for data analysis and IT audit. Currently busy with CIA Part I, she is a qualified Internal Audit Technician. When discussing her strengths she says she is extremely detailed and her presentation of information leaves little room for questions. She enjoys being involved in the whole process of internal audit; she says she loves being involved in learning how businesses work, working closely with business owners and providing them with vital information with respect to risk areas and control inadequacies. Most importantly she likes to add value.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email angie@ca.co.za
Ref No CPT – AMW-08/05/2018

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