BComm Financial Management

White Female

Availability: Two months (neg.)

R750k per annum

This candidate presents as a well-rounded Financial Manager with a solid foundation (BComm Financial Management and SAIPA articles), extensive commercial finance experience and a broad set of skills gained over more than 10 years. She considers herself to be a down to earth person, someone with strong values and an easy-going nature who thrives in an informal yet professional work environment. She considers her strengths to include problem-solving and willingness to get her hands dirty. She is quick to tell her team that every problem can be overcome if there is communication and teamwork. She believes she is diligent, thorough, organised and committed to seeing things through to completion. She believes it is important to have a handle on the detail in order to understand the bigger picture and in order to more quickly trackback problems and resolve issues. She considers herself to be a caring and fair person, which makes her reasonable, approachable and available as a manager. She believes productivity is directly linked to morale, so the atmosphere and environment around her and her team are very important to her. She, therefore, believes in motivating and encouraging her team to air concerns and bring issues into the light, in order that they are resolved openly.

For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please contact:
csymmonds@ca.co.za | 082 542 3756

Ref No: 83530

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