White Female

Availability: Immediate 

Market-Related Salary

This professional presents as a vastly experienced CA(SA) who is able to contribute as a strong leader for finance and beyond. With over 15 years’ experience in key management roles within FMCG, production and manufacturing, she believes in leading successfully through people and processes. She makes it her first priority to fix, improve or implement solid sustainable systems and processes for the organisation, and then provide the people with the necessary tools and knowledge to operate successfully within that infrastructure. She describes her management style as consistent, fair, democratic, motivational and mentoring. With the ability to inspire professional development and self-improvement, alongside the ability to take a hard line that is well received by her team, she presents as an incredibly effective manager. In discussing what characteristics she has been most valued for by her seniors, peers and juniors, she mentions stability, control and calm within the chaos. She believes in establishing very clear ‘rules of the game’ with her team, and once the rules are understood, then everyone can play their part and display their own unique style and skill. She further believes in the importance of connecting all areas of the organisation to finance, in order that everyone appreciates the purpose and value of finance as it relates to their part of the whole. At this point in her career she is looking to join an organisation that will allow her the opportunity to add value and to contribute to the greater vision for the organisation in a leading role within finance or general management. 

For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please contact: | 082 542 3756

Ref No: 106551

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