ACMA (Strategic Level), BComm Management Accounting

White Female

Availability: Calendar month

R960k per annum negotiable

Presenting a strong Finance and Operations Manager who has developed an invaluable range of skills that she is eager to use in pursuit of adding value to her employer, in a new industry. With a degree in management accounting and finance, and close to obtaining her professional CIMA qualification, she brings that great combination of depth-of-experience with current and relevant academic pursuits. In discussing her strengths, she shares that she has developed an extraordinary ability to keep a close handle on delivering in multiple areas of responsibility, with varying levels of pressure and complexity. She believes herself to be agile, open-minded, communicative and forthcoming with information. She believes in seeking out efficiencies and improvements in every path she follows in her professional space. She shares that she has an affinity for numbers which translates into problems being solved, costs being identified and reduced, and valuable information being derived from the financials for the purpose of decision-making. With more than 10 years’ experience in the manufacturing, import, export and industrial sectors, this FM is sure to add value within a dynamic commercial business.

For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please contact: | 082 542 3756

Ref No: 110783

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