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Financial Accountant/Financial Manager


White Female

Availability: 2 Calendar months

R720k per annum 

Presenting a newly qualified CA(SA) currently as a Financial Accountant within the retail space. She brings diverse client experience from audits in retail, wealth, and asset management. When chatting about her strengths, she informed me that she excels in IFRS, auditing, and management accounting. She believes she is known for her meticulous and diligent approach, further to this she says she is proficient in both traditional and management accounting, demonstrating a preference for structured work. She further says her commitment to high-quality results shines through her reserved approach. She thrives in a deadline-driven environment, excelling in communication and collaborative planning. Valuing her ability to make independent decisions over micro-management, she believes she balances a positive work ethic with a preference for organized and structured tasks. She goes on to say that her strengths lie in delivering quality work under pressure, prioritizing effectively to meet deadlines.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email |073 138 7387
Ref No 122833

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