Financial Analyst

National Diploma in Financial Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration

White Female

Availability: Immediate

R500k per annum


Presenting a Financial Analyst who is ambitious and passionate. This individual has been accustomed to working in a dynamic, global, and fast-paced environment. Here, she was responsible for reporting and analysis to ensure transparency and visibility of key financial information required. She highlights her ability to be organised, diligent and able to work well under pressure, being a quick learner and able to solve complex financial problems. Furthermore, she states she is able to confidently interpret and communicate financial trends to senior management, investors and other key decision-makers. Confirming she thrives in a working environment where she can grow as a professional and contribute to an organisation’s success by providing a meticulous and detailed oriented approach to financial reporting, analysis, and processes.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email | 083 394 5118
Ref No 117669

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Financial Analyst

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