Financial Manager


Coloured Male

Availability: Calendar month

R800k per annum


He comes across as bubbly, outgoing and assertive. He is a qualified CA(SA). Having completed both his board exams first time as well as his articles through the Auditor General South Africa. He has over 4 years post articles experience gained within retail, services, and accounting sector. When discussing his strengths, he says his strength lies in his ability to adapt to change quickly and new ways of working, deal with change well, his mathematics skills as he is a numbers guy and good problem-solving skills. He continued to say that he communicates in a prorate manner, can handle stress and pressure, can raise concerns and not afraid to speak up, is one to sit and get things done productively. His ideal role would be taking information and reporting to the rest of the business, have input in regard to business strategy and not just processing and reviewing.

Personally, he describes himself as friendly, gets along well with new people, reliable, and punctual individual who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task undertaken or situation he is presented with. He can have strong and positive working relationships with his colleagues from diverse backgrounds. He continuously strives to achieve the highest standards possible at any given task at hand.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email | 073 138 7387

Ref No 100500

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Financial Manager

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