Business and Management Development, ND Technical Financial Accounting

Coloured Female

Availability: 30 days

R420k per annum

Coming across exceptionally well, this individual is confident and friendly. She confirms she is efficient, deadline driven, an analytical thinker and planner.  She goes on to say she is someone who is honest, reliable, self-disciplined and someone who can accept constructive criticism.  Listing her areas of strength as being proficient in many accounting systems, able to perform the full accounting function, sound in preparation of statutory returns, with experience in implementing sound accounting systems and procedures. She says she is a perfectionist with a strong eye for detail and she is able to identify and solve problems quickly. She tells me she is committed and puts a lot of effort into her work. Describing her management style as inclusive and collaborative, she feels it is important to get her teams buy-in and enjoys being part of a team where ideas are bounced off each other for everyone’s benefit.

For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please contact: | 083 394 5118

Ref No: 93081

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