Board II (APC), Board I (ITC), BAccouting Honours & BAccounting
White Male
Availability: December 2018
R500 000 per annum

This aspiring individual comes across professionally and well-spoken when interviewing him. He tells me that he gets on well with everyone and enjoys engaging with new people. He has completed both his board exams and passed first-time around. He is currently busy with his SAICA Articles and can sign off as early as December 2018 at which time he will be eligible to register as a CA(SA). His main clients are in the real estate sector and when asking him what industries he has a preference for, he tells me that he finds real estate very interesting and would not mind getting involved in a role within such a group. That said, he is not closed off to the idea of any other industry. His aim is to learn and gain as much experience as possible.


For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email

Ref No: CPT-ZVE2-31/10/2018

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