BTech Cost & Management Accounting
Coloured Female
Availability: Immediate
R336 000 per annum

This candidate presents with a BTech in Cost & Management Accounting and over 10 years’ of accounting experience.  She can be described as confident and engaging if somewhat softly spoken. In discussing her strengths, she tells me she is goal-orientated and dedicated – she finishes what she starts.  She tells me a previous manager felt she was an outside-the-box thinker, she was good at fixing things and not afraid to ask for help when she needed it. She admits to taking a bit longer with new things as she really likes to understand things properly. Once on board with the new space, she likes to consider improvements around her. She enjoys working in a team and feels she performs best in that situation.


For further details, please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email

Ref No: 90753

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