CA(SA), CTA, CTA, BComm Financial Accounting

Coloured Male

Availability: 30 days

R420 000 per annum

Meticulous, calm and professional are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing this level-headed CA(SA). Having gained 17 months’ post article experience in a senior accounting role, he feels it’s time to move on to the next challenge and further his growth. He was originally appointed as an Accountant and shortly thereafter promoted. He also had to take on some of the CFO’s responsibilities. Having been thrown in the deep end, he quickly implemented faster processes for getting the work done quicker. Just to name one, he managed to cut the time down for preparing management packs from 20 days to 9 days! On a personal note, he tells me that he really enjoys working in a team and has the ability to relay financials to non-finance people, simplifying it so that all levels of individuals understand. He also adds that he is very observant. If he sees one of his staff is down, he will reach out and check in. I thoroughly enjoyed my meeting with this individual, and believe he will be a great asset to your organization!

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Ref No: 100432

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