CA(SA) – Eligible to register

White Male

Availability: April 2024

R720k per annum 

He comes across as a professional, engaging and someone who is eager to learn and grow. He describes himself as someone who is positive, conscientious and is outgoing. On a personal note, he loves to spend his time in the outdoors, doing fitness related activities and with his loved ones. He believes his strengths lie in his determination, attention to detail, communication, administration and his questioning mind as he is always wanting to learn. During his undergraduate degree he was honoured by being on the Dean’s Merit List and was honoured by being a member on the Golden Key Society. This candidate has completed his articles at a Big4 firm where passed both ITC and APC exams with first time passes. During his articles he obtained industry exposure in wealth and asset management, insurance and retirement funds. To further add that he will be eligible to register as a CA(SA) at the end of December 2023, he has further obtained his CFA Level 1. He shares some examples below of how he has added value during in his articles:

I added value on my most recent audit of the Allan Gray Retirement Funds as I was the AIC and was in charge of managing 8 trainees, 1 assistant manager, 1 senior manager and 1 signing partner where I was able to ensure that the audit in its entirely flowed seamlessly and was able to assist my trainees with the vast majority of queries due to my understanding of the business and the new s15 procedures as per the Pensions Fund Act (the Act changed last year which caused our audit work to change). This resulted in the audit team completing the work nearly a month earlier than it was the year before, to the extent that my junior trainees were actively asking for work as they had run out. The only thing that kept us back from formally signing off on the audit early was due to Regulation 28 changes with the FSCA which was out of control. Nonetheless, I am exceptionally proud of being able to manage a big team while still upskilling my juniors and ensuring that the managers and partners were all kept in the loop. It was the first audit I had been on, let alone being in charge of, where everything went better than what was planned. This is evidenced by the sign offs by me and the various trainees in the engagement file which were earlier than previous years.

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