CA(SA) – Eligible to register

Black Female

Availability: January 2024

R480k per annum

She comes across as an enthusiastic, professional, and engaging young finance professional. She has successfully passed her APC and ITC exams and will be completing her articles at the end of this year, in order to qualify as a CA(SA). In discussing her strengths, she said that she is open minded, allows her juniors to express themselves, and believes one can learn something from every other person at any stage in their careers, be they above or below you. She continued to say that she enjoys the technical elements of being a CA and manages her time effectively in the high-pressure structures of articles. On a personal note, she says she is both an intro / extrovert, and enjoys giving her time toward the upliftment of others through voluntary work in and around her community.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email | 082 542 3756
Ref No 113919

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