Professional Accountant (SA), BTech Taxation, ND Accounting
Coloured Female
Availability: Calendar month
R600 000 per annum

This individual can be described as responsible, hardworking and motivated, with a great passion for both accounting and taxation. Drawing her inspiration from working alongside others in a team, but able to function effectively as an individual, she says she enjoys a challenge and perseveres until tasks are completed. She says she is an enthusiastic individual with great attention to detail, excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She believes she is energetic with a high level of performance and has the ability to successfully communicate on all levels. She goes on to say she can multi-task and work well under pressure, with a high level of professionalism at all times. She completed SAIPA Articles and is currently a full member of SAIPA. She currently manages a team of seven individuals.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email

Ref No CPT- AMW-04/07/2018

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