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Empowerment Profile
Since the very beginning of CA Financial Appointments more than 20 years ago, BBBEE has been an integral part of the company and how the company does business. It was the driving factor behind the Management buy-out from the Laser Group (Pty) LTD in 2003 and the subsequent sales to SAB&T Inc. a short time thereafter. Over the years as the official BEE requirements changed the company has oscillated between a Level 1 and a Level 2, no mean feat considering the lack of points earned in the ownership criteria. The company made significant contribution to both previously disadvantages individuals, in the form of educating the children of the Tolashe family in Cape Town, and to various small enterprises in a variety of different ways. The company embraced the BBBEE concept and it has been immensely rewarding for the employees specifically involved to see the results of their actions. In the last few months we have worked especially hard and with the help of the majority shareholder Advtech Resourcing (Pty) Ltd, are extremely proud that by virtue of the modified flow through concept the company is now 51% Black Owned and as such, will be awarded a Level 2 BBBEE rating. The company is proud to have the Advtech Educational Trust as a shareholder and looks forward to being responsible for the education of hundreds of previously disadvantaged South Africans in the years to come.
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