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Beating the Back to Work Blues

Dec 28, 2017 | Blog


For some, coming back to work after the long festive break is easy – a hopeful new start to another great year. For others, it can be something that evokes the same feelings you had when you were a kid and had to go back to school after the summer holidays. For those who are already dreading getting back to the grind, here is some advice on making the return a painless process.

Adapt your attitude

It’s very easy to tell someone to have the right mindset about starting a new year at work, but it’s not always so easy to do. However, a huge part of the reticence to get back into work is your attitude. With work taking up so much of our time, week in, week out, it is worth making an extra effort to alter any negative mindsets you have. Once you embrace this idea and focus more on your approach to working life, you will find that a shift in mindset soon follows.

Accept the back to work blues…

…and move on. We all feel them. Even the happiest workers would still rather be relaxing on the beach or spending all day long relaxing, eating and laughing with friends and family. It’s fine to feel down in the dumps but don’t dwell on it. Realise it serves no purpose and get on with things.

Get on schedule a few days earlier

Chances are you will be coming off a string of late nights and lie-ins. Getting up at the crack of dawn for work after this can be rather a shock to the system. You will be doing yourself a huge favour if you can get your body clock back on track a few days before you return to work.

Start slowly

Very few people will go at full pace on their first day back so use this slow start to plan your week or month out at a pace that lets you ease into a routine.

Revise your routine

It’s a new year, so treat it as such. Your old routine might be working just fine, in which case, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but it’s worth looking at. You might find that with fresh eyes you see things that you can streamline, add in or completely change.

Set goals

You should always have goals, but taking some extra time at the start of the working year to plan them out will give you some extra drive to really get stuck in.

Be organised

Hopefully, you heeded our advice about not leaving your 2015 work life in a mess for your 2016 self to clear up, but regardless, you will still need to do some planning and organisation to give yourself the best start to the year. Take time on your first day back to fully organise your work life.

It can be difficult for anyone to go from weeks of leisure back into the fast-paced world of work. The right mindset is all you need to start yourself off on the right foot and make the return to office a thoroughly pleasant one.

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