Audit Senior

Black Female
Availability: Calendar month
R600k per annum

This candidate comes across as a professional, lovely, and well-presented newly qualified CA(SA). She has over 4 years’ experience accounting experience with the public sector. She tells me that one of her strengths are valuations, merges, and acquisitions. She continued to say that she is more detailed, likes auditing and feels that it requires a sceptical and questioning mindset, and she doesn’t take thing as face value, but always questions it. Her ideal role is in investments, an audit manager position and can climb up to become an investment analyst. Personally, she says she is very introverted, more extroverted with time, likes being around friends and family and is trying out new things of late.

For further details please contact your personal CA consultant, alternatively please email | 073 138 7387
Ref No 118581

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Audit Senior

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