I Quit! How to resign the right way

Apr 6, 2017 | Blog

Photo Credit: www.secretwbusiness.com

Photo Credit: www.secretbusiness.com

Leaving a job, especially one you’ve been doing for a while, can be incredibly daunting. It’s an odd time, where mixed emotions abound, and you feel anxious, excited, tense and even cautious. For some, leaving one job for another is simply a smart career move, for others, it may well be the end of an unenjoyable professional period. Whatever the circumstance, when you land that new position, how should you go about handing in your resignation? Here are some basic tips for ensuring that your resignation goes smoothly.

Check your notice period

This is an important stage not to overlook. You need to align your start date with the new company with the end date of your current employment – any overlapping can cause unnecessary friction.

Beware the counter offer

Your current employer might try to throw a counter offer your way. Read our blog on why it is best to avoid these and stay focused on the new role.

Word your resignation letter properly

It’s an important document and how you word it will say a lot about you as an employee and it will play a big part in how you leave things with your current employer. Regardless of the circumstances around your leaving the company, keep the resignation letter gracious, friendly and succinct. Your recruitment consultant can assist you if you need a little help with so be sure to call on them.

 Do not burn bridges

You should resign in the same way regardless of the reason for your departure. Whether you’re leaving for simple career progression, or because you cannot stand the boss, your resignation should take the same form. Do not be tempted to mention your grievances to any other employees, and certainly keep it out of the letter. There is no positive aspect of burning bridges with former employers, regardless of how good it might feel to give a piece of your mind at the time! Leaving on bad terms is certainly going to make getting that all-important reference a little tricky.

Say goodbye to everyone

Keeping contacts within your industry is important, so make sure before leaving, that you allocate some time to bidding farewell to everyone you’ve worked with at the company and make sure you exchange details.

Resigning can be a daunting task but handling it the right way can remove any stress and anxiety you might be feeling about it.

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